To the Parents Wondering: Are We In? Or Are We Out?

This week, we were faced with a hard decision. To some it may not have been hard, but for us it was incredibly difficult. And I believe this was just the first of many difficult decisions that are about to come our way. Our two oldest daughters were cast in Continue Reading

I Messed Up

The weight of my mistake weighed heavily on my shoulders. I opened my email to see I had missed a deadline to have my daughter included in her 8th grade dedication booklet. And my heart broke. Not this. Not now. Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you Continue Reading

Confessions of An Extroverted Introvert During a Pandemic

I am an introvert. I never thought I was when I was younger, in fact every personality test I took told me otherwise. I was an extrovert with a capital ‘E’ and was proud of it. This may seem confusing to the people who know me. I’m very outgoing and Continue Reading

Confessions of an Addict

*This originally appeared in August 2015 on my blog mylifesettomusic. I came across it today and found myself motivated once again to put my phone down. I am challenging myself to be more present. More engaged. To take in my surroundings without feeling the need to reach for my security Continue Reading

When Your Day Doesn’t Go As Planned

Have you ever felt like a hamster stuck in a wheel? Your legs are moving and you’re working hard, but you just aren’t getting anywhere? That was me yesterday. I tried to go for a run, but the heat got the best of me. Instead of the long run I Continue Reading

This Little Lady Went to the Market

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like the farmer’s market? I haven’t. Or at least I don’t think I have. I’ve never run across a super vocal anti-farmer’s market person ranting about how they “just can’t stand all the fresh foods being sold at the market.” I mean, does Continue Reading

Battling Mom-Guilt

Mom-guilt. It’s a thing. I’m guessing dad-guilt is probably a thing, too. It’s a nagging, awful thing that can take over way too much mental space in a parent’s head if left unchecked. I don’t play enough. The kids are on devices too much. The food I cook isn’t healthy Continue Reading

From Faint Lines to Motherhood

I watched as the two lines slowly appeared on the test. They were faint, yet blaring. “You’re pregnant” they screamed. I’m pregnant. Tears fell from the corners of my eyes and slid slowly down my cheeks. I could taste the salt as they traveled down to my lips. Is it Continue Reading

Life is Crazy Good – and I’m Tired

Tired. Worn out. Burnt out. Exhausted. Stressed. When you hear these words, is there something that resonates with you? Are there days when you would hear that question and respond “Me! Me! That’s me!” I get the sense many of us are running around feeling the weight of our daily Continue Reading