The Most Beautiful Love Story of All

You are beautiful.  All of you.  Even those parts you like to keep hidden. Even those secrets you hope are never discovered.  All of your experiences in life, good and bad, are woven together to create the intricate fabric of your life.  There are choices I made. There are words Continue Reading

Feeling a Little Funky

Last week, I found myself in a bit of a funk. Nothing big happened to put me in that state. Nothing was wrong per say. I just wasn’t feeling like myself. Instead of feeling motivated and excited about life and all the things, I found myself feeling kind of melancholy. Continue Reading

Another Trip Around The Sun

Last March, my daughter declared she was the only one in our family who would have a pandemic Birthday. At that time, the statement didn’t seem ludicrous. It seemed optimistic to think she may be the only one, yet plausible. We had no clue. We had sympathy for her, and Continue Reading

What A Week It’s Been

Over the past months, there have been many times when I’ve looked out the window, or have seen images on the news, and have thought, Is this really our reality right now? Sometimes it feels more like watching a movie than reality.  It all feels so bizarre.  And just when it feels Continue Reading

It’s the First Day of Second Semester, and The Pandemic is Still Here

Winter break is officially over, and we are settling back into our routine of getting online to learn and work. There are days when I am struck by the strangeness of it all. Even though this has been our reality for months, it still feels like a bizarre dream, or Continue Reading