Battling Mom-Guilt

Mom-guilt. It’s a thing. I’m guessing dad-guilt is probably a thing, too. It’s a nagging, awful thing that can take over way too much mental space in a parent’s head if left unchecked. I don’t play enough. The kids are on devices too much. The food I cook isn’t healthy Continue Reading

Life is Crazy Good – and I’m Tired

Tired. Worn out. Burnt out. Exhausted. Stressed. When you hear these words, is there something that resonates with you? Are there days when you would hear that question and respond “Me! Me! That’s me!” I get the sense many of us are running around feeling the weight of our daily Continue Reading

Parenting the iGeneration

I have been thinking lately about how different the world is now from when I was a child.  What’s it like to grow up in a world where you have never experienced life without a smartphone? Or social media?   Will my children have an understanding of privacy? Of boundaries? What’s Continue Reading

Thank You, Brave Women

Whether Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative – I have to believe whatever side you lean toward – you can agree with this. Assault of any form is not okay. In our core, as humans, we know this to be true. Or at least, I surely hope so. This isn’t Continue Reading

Yes, It Matters

My friend and I had a conversation today that I have had numerous times, with various friends, since becoming a parent. Does it matter? Sometimes it all seems so trivial. The bottoms you wipe. The diapers you change. The hours spent awake at night rocking your infant to sleep. The Continue Reading

Silencing the Joy-Stealing Monster Within

Last week, my baby started kindergarten. This means not only has my son started a new chapter in his life, but I have as well. For the past 12 years, I have had someone at home with me the majority of the time. Suddenly, I find myself living in the Continue Reading

Someone Wants to Know Why My Child Goes to Preschool – Here’s Why

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about the mixed emotions I’m feeling as my baby – the youngest of four – is finishing his final days of preschool. In response to this post, someone commented: “Why is your child in pre-school and not at home being raised, nurtured, and Continue Reading