I Messed Up

The weight of my mistake weighed heavily on my shoulders. I opened my email to see I had missed a deadline to have my daughter included in her 8th grade dedication booklet. And my heart broke. Not this. Not now. Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you Continue Reading

Let’s Be Kind

As restrictions are being relaxed and stay-at-home orders are being lifted, the responses from people have ranged from “It’s about time!” to “This is ridiculous!” and a whole lot of in-between. What started out as a feeling of togetherness seems slowly to be slipping into feelings of confusion and discord. Continue Reading

Confessions of An Extroverted Introvert During a Pandemic

I am an introvert. I never thought I was when I was younger, in fact every personality test I took told me otherwise. I was an extrovert with a capital ‘E’ and was proud of it. This may seem confusing to the people who know me. I’m very outgoing and Continue Reading