As many of you know, I recently started an interior design business. It has been a blessing and joy to see my clients’ dreams for their homes become a reality.

Since starting my business, I have gone shopping for furniture, lighting, curtains, shelving and household decor; rearranged rooms and spaces; organized children’s toys; and even have painted a dresser for a client.

I am learning the importance of not simply imposing my style, but instead discovering what my clients are drawn to. What is their personal style? What brings them joy? And then helping them to create comfortable, inviting spaces that reflect their unique personalities.

In the process, I am also learning more about the simple touches that make a home comfy and cozy. These items that I believe bring warmth to a space are things I incorporate all throughout my own home – and things I try to include in my clients’ homes whenever possible, if it fits their needs.


This girl cannot get enough pillows. They are my home-purchase weakness. If I see a brightly colored, fluffy pillow – it’s really hard to walk away. Pillows are scattered all throughout my home. They are on the floor, in baskets, on beds, couches, chairs, benches. Simply put – they are everywhere. To me a pillow says, “hey there – come on over. Why don’t you get comfy? Go ahead, lay down and rest for a minute.”


Not only do plants make a space feel warm, they are also wonderful for air quality. Are you a plant killer? If so, need not you fear. There are some plants that are easier to keep alive than others. Check out this article from Today on The 15 Best and Easiest Indoor Houseplants and find out which plant is best for you.

Candles and Dim Lighting

Not only do they smell good, they also create a mood. Candles are both comforting and relaxing. And when in the right setting, can be pretty romantic, too. There is something alluring and seductive about a room lit only by a multitude of candles. Close your eyes and imagine a table with a bright light overhead. Now imagine that same table with a dim light above, and the surface covered with lit votives. Which one is more appealing to you?


Just like with pillows, you won’t make it far in my house without seeing a blanket. They are hanging over chairs and couches, and stuffed in baskets all around our home. When people are here, I went them to feel like they can kick off their shoes and get comfy. I feel like nothing says get cozy and stay awhile like a warm, soft blanket.


I’ve saved the very best for last. Books, books and more books. I am an avid reader and have always found comfort in being surrounded by crisp pages, filled with words, sandwiched between colorful covers.

The joy I feel when I walk into a library, or bookstore, is something I have felt since I was a young girl. Once a week, in the summer months, when school was out and the world was filled with endless possibilities, the book mobile would pull into our elementary school parking lot. I would jump up each step into the small space housing books from floor to ceiling. The smell, the sounds, the sight and the feel of the books is fresh in my mind, and brings me great joy to this day.

It is for this love of pages filled with words that every room in our home, with the exception of the bathrooms, has books – even the closets. They are everywhere you look.

People have different tastes and preferences. What I am drawn to is not necessarily what you may be drawn to. The great thing about pillows, plants, candles, blankets and books is they come in many different styles and can be a great addition to any setting.

When it comes to your home, you want to incorporate what feels comfortable to you. Bring items into your home that make you happy, and get rid of those that do not.

And if you’re ever looking for a gift idea for me – pillows, plants, candles, blankets and books are always a great place to start.

If you would like help with your home decorating and live in the Nashville area – please feel free to contact me for information on my services.

I would love to here what you think. Please feel free to comment below.