It’s Monday, folks!

How was the weekend?

Maybe you ate too much. Drank too much. Slept too much (Is there such a thing?). Spent too much.

Maybe you worked out. Went to bed on time. Ate healthy. Used your time wisely.

Maybe you made a giant list of things to do and did none of them. Or some of them. Or all of them.

Maybe you were the best version of you. Or the not so great version of you. Or somewhere in the middle.

Maybe you were faced with tragedy. And your heart was broken. Or something beautiful and miraculous happened. And your heart expanded.

Maybe you woke up today ready to conquer the week? Or wishing it was still the weekend.

Maybe you feel like you are exactly where you are meant to be in life. Or realizing changes are imminent. And necessary.

Wherever you may find yourself on this Monday morning, I wish you joy. I wish you peace. I wish you comfort. I wish you the strength, ability and courage to make any changes that are necessary. I wish you the perseverance to get through the demands of the week. I wish the broken hearts will mend. And that the joyful hearts will explode their joy into the lives of those they encounter.

Whatever you are facing. Whatever your past mistakes. Whatever this week holds – you’ve got this.

This week is filled with endless possibilities.

Possibilities for new relationships to form. Broken hearts to mend. Restoration and reconciliation to take place. Goals to be met. Dreams to be actualized.

Wherever your past has taken you. It does not define you. You are not bound to past choices. You can only move forward.

Today is a new day. Today is a fresh start.

Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

*A version of this was originally published on the Truly Yours, Jen – Jennifer Thompson, writer Facebook page

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